Measuring signal parameters in the receiver

Hi all,

I am working to compare the performance of an ofdm single transceiver
and a
mimo-ofdm 2x1 one. For this purpose, I would like to measure parameters
the receiver side such as snr, goodput, ber, to see the improvement that
the mimo implementation should provide…So far, I’ve been trying it by
changing how the packet is built, specifically, I am adding a field with
packet number so I can check in the receiver side how many corrects
are received. With this method I think I can measure in a reliable way
goodput and the ber, but I still don’t know how to measure the snr. I
like to know if anybody has any advice on how to do all these
I am working with GNU C++ version 4.4.1 [gcc-4_4-branch revision
Boost_103900; UHD_003.004.000-122b947, because I couldn’t merge the mimo
branch with the latest version of gnuradio. Thanks in advance.

Jorge H.