"me" route


I have a social network web app with ruby on rails and users can see
their profile like this: /profiles/2-admin
Now i want to make an alias or something with the route “/me” so it
would show the same as profiles/2-admin

so when i go to this: http://localhost:3000/me it shows me the same as
so the “me” would show the info from the currently logged in user!

Ho can i do that?

I have tried several things, but nothing succeeded…

Thank you,


Wouter wrote:

Ho can i do that?

I have tried several things, but nothing succeeded…

If you already have an action that lets a user see their profile, then
you could do something like this:

map.connect ‘/me’, :controller => ‘profiles’, :action =>

Change “user_profile_action” to whatever the action is called. Whoever
follows the /me route should be shown the page with their profile on it.

If you don’t already have such an action, I think creating one would be
the best way.




Thank you for your answer!

When i try this i got this error message

Couldn’t find Profile without an ID

How to solve this?

On Jul 16, 10:27 pm, Matt H. [email protected]

And why cant i do http://localhost:3000/me.xml (No route matches “/

worked for me like in this thread


THANX for the help

Ok it works now
this is my action

def show_me
@user = Profile.find(@p)
respond_to do |wants|
wants.html {redirect_to profile_path(@p)}
wants.xml {render :xml => @user.to_xml }

and this my route

map.connect ‘/me’, :controller => ‘profiles’, :action=> ‘show_me’
but when i try to access /me.xml i get No route matches “/me.xml”

Me.xml is the same as /profiles/2-admin.xml (xml file from profile).

How can i do this?