Md5sum error on Ettus website for USRP2 firmware


Sorry to nit-pick at little details, but I think there is an error on
the Ettus website. On the page listed below, in the table “Firmware
Images”, the md5sum “d784c4321114a83454493337393c5e2f” is listed three
times for three different images, dated June 08, 2010. This can’t be
correct. I downloaded “txrx_wbx_raw_eth_20100608.bin” to use on my WBX
daughterboard, and I get a different md5sum of
“769db035df296eca90abab43ceb291c8”, which I assume is correct since the
image seems to be working. Could someone fix the md5sums listed in the
table on the webpage? Thanks a lot!!

Steve McMahon