Md2man 1.4.0

md2man - markdown to manpage

md2man is a Ruby library and command-line program that converts
Markdown documents into UNIX manual pages (both roff and HTML)
using the Redcarpet library.

Version 1.4.0 (2012-10-14)


  • roff: emit non-first H1 headings as H2 headings

  • html: add Md2Man::HTML::Engine class for HTML manual page

  • html: add md2man-html(1) bin script for command line access to the

  • html: add ID attributes on all headings for easy permalinking

  • rake: add md2man/rakefile to process markdown files in man/

    This library provides a rake md2man task that builds UNIX and HTML
    manual pages from Markdown files (with “.markdown”, “.mkd”, or “.md”
    extension) inside your man/man*/ directories. It also provides
    sub-tasks to build only UNIX or HTML manual pages separately.

    It also hooks into Bundler’s gem packaging tasks to automatically
    your manual pages for packaging into a gem. See the README for