May Phoenix Ruby Users Group Meeting 5/14

The Phoenix Ruby U. Group will hold its May meeting on Monday, May
14, at 6:30 pm, at MWA Intelligence (same place as last month)


for location details

The meeting will run until ~ 8:15 pm; afterwards, most of us head off to
Havana Cafe for a late dinner. See the above URL for restaurant
location and map.

If you can’t make the meeting, consider joining us for dinner. (Note:
sometimes Havana Cafe is closed, or we don’t get there in time, or stuff
happens, so if you’re skipping the meeting but joining us for dinner,
please call me to confirm our location. See the above URL for my cell

Meeting topic:

A project has been created for the Phoenix group; I
thought I’d spend some time giving a run-down on using RubyForge,
getting set up with svn, and discuss (i.e., pick everyone’s brains for
ideas on) best practices for hosting multiple projects in a single repo.

Other than that: general Ruby hacking, perhaps on code that will go into
our new RF repo.

James B.

“I never dispute another person’s delusions, just their facts.”

  • Len Bullard