Maximum size of Ajax partial in Firefox?


I’m writing an app that has some ajax-y content to it and am
experiencing a weird error in Firefox ( that doesn’t appear
elsewhere (where ‘elsewhere’ is IE6).

I’ve basically taken the typo sidebar code and rewritten it for my
needs. One of the things I’ve written is a ‘sidebar’ that lists all the
countries in the ISO3166 code list and puts them into a drop down.

For those that enjoy these things, the list is here:

My issue is that the dropdown is not being completely loaded by Firefox,
and is failing at a consistent location, whereas IE loads it correctly.

If I add more content to the partial prior to the dropdown, the point at
which the dropdown stops loading moves up the list, again consistently.

If I reload the page (once the sidebar has been added), then the
dropdown completely loads because it’s part of the initial page load.

I’ve seen in the archives that there have been some Firefox-related Ajax
issues in the past, but there has never been much in the way of
resolution. One example I’ve found is:

Does anyone know if there is a hard Firefox limit to XMLHttpRequest
response data? I’m guessing that if there is, it’s 8k, but I thought I’d
check in first.



I haven’t come across a limit on the size an an XMLHttpRequest response,
I have definitely had responses (using RJS) larger than 8kb.