I have a file that I want to scan for matches of a regular expression.
The expression crosses multiple lines (/m), so I can’t use each_line.
I’ve been using scan, but I now need a match data object for each match
so I can get the position of the match. Is there a way to loop through
matches and get the match data for each match when all the data is in a
single string with multiple matches in it?

For arguments sake, here is the data:

public sub method1()
end sub

public sub method2(lots, of,
variables, over, many, lines)
end sub

public function method3() as string
end function

Here is the regular expression:

What is current returned by scan:

What I want:


On 11/23/06, Jeremy W. [email protected] wrote:

What I want:

something like this

‘aa’.scan(/a/) {|i| p $~ }

thanks, that worked great

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