Match at least one element of array to another

Hi is there a simple way to return true if at least one element of an
array matches at least one element of another array?

For example let’s say I have @groups = ‘4,6’.split(’,’) and @allowed =

I want these to be true because 4 is in both @groups and @allowed.

Thank you!

Hmm I came up with a very inelegant way to do this… that is:

@groups.length + @allowed.length > (@groups | @allowed).length

which is equivalent to 4 > 3 so it evaluates to true.

I guess this works but if you come up with a more elegant way please
share! Thanks.

Okay never mind just came up with a better way:
!(@groups & @allowed).empty?
=> true


I want these to be true because 4 is in both @groups and @allowed.

You could check something like

sum = @[email protected]
if sum.uniq != sum


a,b,c = [1,2],[2,3],[4,5]
=> [[1, 2], [2, 3], [4, 5]]

(a+b).uniq != (a+b)
=> true

(a+c).uniq != (a+c)
=> false


“Kenneth Eunjung” [email protected] wrote in message
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array1 & array2 returns a new_ array with elements common to
both arrays. Test on new_array.size returns true if common
elements exsist, false if not.

@groups = ‘4,6’.split(’,’)
@allowed = ‘1,4’.split(’,’)
a = @groups & @allowed # => [4]
puts a.inspect.to_s # => [4]
ret = (a.size > 0)
puts ret.to_s # => true
b = [4,6] & [5,7]
puts b.inspect.to_s # => []
ret = (b.size > 0)
puts ret.to_s # => false

Hth gfb

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