MasterView AdminPages temporary fix for Rails 1.1.6

Rails 1.1.6 which closes some security holes in Rails also restricts
where code can be loaded from. These new restriction prevents the
MasterView administration pages to be automagically loaded by enabling
the configuration option as they were in the past (since they did not
exist in the normal rails app tree).

MasterView will still function properly without admin pages, but this
aspect was nice for visualization and maintenance. The MasterView rake
tasks can still provide similar functionality from the command line.
(use rake -T to see all the options or refer to docs).

A quick fix to get admin pages up and running again is to copy the
MasterView admin pages controller, view code into the normal app tree.

To make this easier (especially for gem users), I have created a
tar.gz file with the appropriate files. You may simply extract this
into your rails web application directory and MasterView admin pages
will be functional once again. However extracting these files bypasses
the enable_admin_pages configuration option so it will no longer
control whether the admin page functionality is available, and as such
if these files are installed the functionality is available.

We are also looking at additional approaches to this issue and will
release a maintenance release as soon as ready. In the meantime users
can either extract the tgz file into rails web application directory
or simply use the command line rake commands as an alternate option
(‘rake -T’ for list of commands or refer to documentation).

Admin pages temporary fix - to restore admin page functionality

  1. download

  2. extract to your web application root directory (so files will be
    copied into app/controllers, app/views, etc.)

  3. By extracting these files MasterView admin pages will be available
    regardless of the config.enable_admin_pages setting. Remove or rename
    the MasterView Admin pages ‘masterview_controller.rb’ when moving to
    prevent access in production.

-OR Alternatively-

  1. use rake mv: commands which duplicate that which is available in
    the admin pages

We will announce a MasterView maintenance release for the gem and
plugin permanently resolving these problems as soon as it is fully

If you have any issues or concerns with anything please let the team
know via the masterview-users mailing list so we can track and have
archive of discussions.

Sorry for any inconvenience brought on by this,


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