Maryland RUG?


So I went to the NoVA RUG meeting last night. Rich gave an excellent
presentation, a kindly soul (thanks, Yohanes!) shuttled me there from
the Metro and back, and the pizza was good, but I couldn’t stay until
end of the presentation, even. I live in Maryland, right between
and DC, and I would up getting home just before 11. As much as I enjoyed
the NoVA RUG meeting, and as impressed as I am with the turnout, I just
can’t do that again.

I was thinking that there might be some people closer to home, however,
would be interested in forming a RUG. If anyone is interested, please
me which county you are in (I’m in Howard) and whether you would be
interested in leading/organizing things (I can, but I’d be just as happy
someone else would). I’d prefer to keep this on-list so that others can
the show of interest or lack thereof.