MarsEdit and Typo problem

Hi all,

I’m using the latest version of MarsEdit (2.0.4) with the latest
version of Typo (4.1.1). Everything is working fine except when I edit
a post. Let’s say I create a post and assign it to the Mac OS X
category. That part works fine. I go to my blog and the category list
in the sidebar shows the category and the number of posts in that
category. Now if I edit my post in MarsEdit and then go back to my
blog, the number of posts will increase by one and clicking on the
category displays the edited article twice. Every time I edit the post
the count increases and the number of times it displays in the
category section increases. The home page display is fine.

After digging around a bit, I discovered that the problem seems to
center around the categorizations table in the Typo DB, which maps
categories to articles (i.e. posts). Every time I edit a post, a new
entry is added to the categorizations table for that post (with the
exact same category id) instead of just updating the entry. So the
query that gets the post count for each category, and the query that
gets the posts in a certain category is grabbing the post multiple
times (once for each time it appears in the categorizations table with
same category id).

I’m not sure if this a problem with MarsEdit or Typo. The MarsEdit
developer suggested I ask for help here. The Typo documentation says
it works with MarsEdit if you select Moveable Type as the weblog type,
which I did. Any help or insight would be appreciated.