Marketo-api-ruby 0.9 Released

marketo-api-ruby version 0.9 has been released!

MarketoAPI (marketo-api-ruby) provides a native Ruby interface to the
{Marketo SOAP API}[SOAP API - Marketo Developers],
{savon}[GitHub - savonrb/savon: Heavy metal SOAP client]. While understanding the
Marketo SOAP
API is necessary for using marketo-api-ruby, it is an explicit goal that
working with MarketoAPI not feel like working with a hinky Java port.

This is release 0.9, targeting Marketo API version
{2.3}[], fixing a +syncLead+
where +Id+, +Email+, and +ForeignSysPersonId+ are inconsistent with
+syncLead+ parameters.

Please note that Ruby 1.9.2 is not officially supported, but MarketoAPI
install on any version of Ruby 1.9.2 or later.


0.9 / 2014-MM-DD

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Fix #15, where Marketo uses inconsistent camelcasing.
  • Infrastructure:

    • While marketo-api-ruby may work on 1.9.2, it’s being removed from
      due to ongoing test failures that I can’t replicate (I can’t get a
      Ruby built, and it’s no longer a supported Ruby in any case).
    • Fixed rbx tests.