Markaby, RESTful routing, edge rails, named routes (and simp

I’m curious about others experience with using Markaby in an
Edge/Rails 1.2 environment with RESTful routing, named routes, and so
on. I am trying them all on a small personal project and keep hitting
pain points. For example, yesterday I found out that in order to use a
named route like

link_to “Name”, entry_url(@entry)

I have to call the to_s method on entry_url:

link_to “Name”, entry_url(@entry).to_s

There seem to be other issues, which I don’t remember off the top of my

Anyone out there mixing these frameworks and plugins with ease or
finding it just a bit too messy? It’s interrupting my workflow enough
that I’m probably gonna chuck markaby until they play better together.


I’m reaching the same conclusion, having just spent 2 hours trying to
out why I can no longer access @helpers from within my views (in edge
rails). I still don’t know, btw.