Markaby and rails 1.2


has anyone used Markaby and Rails 1.2 successfully together?


I tried it when 1.2 was still in development and ran into just enough
issues to keep me off it. I did create Elemental (a plugin) to help
make rhtml a little cleaner though. If you’re interested in it:



Using it here… works just fine, although we were getting deprecation
warnings for @session.

Switching to just session (the helper) didn’t work right off the bat
either. Figured out that that’s because a markaby builder doesn’t get
the usual rhtml helpers automatically.

There’s a patch on the markaby trac site to fix the problem, but for
some reason it’s not in the markaby repository.

So, for now, we’re doing the alternate route: we include an empty rhtml
file in our main layout. This causes all the rhtml goodies to be made
available to the layout, and therefore the templates too.

If any markaby devs are lurking, it’d be nice to get that patch into


[email protected] wrote:

have you tried [haml] and what’s your opinion towards it?

Nope… markaby seemed cleaner, more elegant.


have you tried [haml] and what’s your opinion towards it?

well, thanks a lot for your help and happy railing alltogether :slight_smile:

2007/2/6, Ben M. [email protected]: