Markably in instance_var mungling


this bug is similar to something i see already discussed on why’s
blogpost comments, which was reported fixed, but that was before the gem
was made available (which is what im using since i cant seem to access

my guess is one of 3 things: fix didnt propagate to gem, my own failure
to make an educated guess on proper setup (1), or a genuine bug


for @slice in @toasts
render :partial “slice”

messing around with :object => slice (or @slice) the best i can get is
@slice or slice to be ‘nil’ or the html tag , until finding
this workaround:

render :partial => slice, :locals => { :slice => slice }

which is fine, except its an added step over instance variables
automagic…and it seems strange that an attribute called ‘locals’ would
help get instance variables in as well as just locals, but ive seen
stranger things especially when delaing with lots of []s and {}s in

(1) require ‘markaby’
require ‘markaby/view’
require ‘markaby/helper’
ActionView::Base::register_template_handler :mab, Markaby::View
ActionController::Base.send :include, Markaby::ActionControllerHelper