"map.resources " problem



I am new in rails 2.0 and above. I am using rails 2.2.
I have a mapping “map.resources :accounts” in my routes.rb

I am facing the following problem:
I have following code in my erb file
Photo 1

Whenever I am clicking on this link I am redirecting to the accounts
show method.
I already added “select_photo” method in my account controller.
Anyone can help urgent. I stuck due to this.
Also, I am very curious about this issue.
Anyone can explain why it has happened?
Please give me solution for the same.



you should read-up on REST.

still (without knowing your code) you can just use routes the old
fashioned style like you used to have them in rails < 2.


map.resources :accounts, :member => { :select_photo => :get } ???