Map.resources and radiant admin

Has anyone got map.resources to work within Radiant admin/extensions.
The problem I have is that if I:

map.resources :testimonials

…everything works fine but everything operates out of /testimonials
not /admin/testimonials which means that when I create a page with a
slug of ‘testimonials’ it all fails horribly when I try to visit that
page (because it is calling the resourced controller not the radiant

I could go back to Rails’s :controller/:action’s but thought I’d give
this a go (and my present app does use it to an elegant end).

Any one with any experience of this?

Kind regards,

map.resources :testimonials, :path_prefix => “/admin”

Try that. :wink:


Ooh, nifty!


Hi Karl,

Did this work out for you in the end?

I’ve managed to get map.resources working fine in my Radiant extensions
except for posting to the edit/update functions, whenever I try that I
the standard Radiant 404 Page Not Found page come up.

Anyone have some ideas on this one? I’m stumped.

Kevin A.

I’ve added this to the wiki

I find extensions a bit confusing, so I decided to start documenting
and hope that others will pitch in.

Are your controllers inheriting from Admin::AbstractModelController?


Hi Sean,

No, they are inheriting from ApplicationController


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