Many to Many table name order?

I am totally new in Ruby and Ruby On Rail.

I have tables: iptvtests, configfields and resultfields.

both pairs are many to many relationship

  1. iptvtests and configfields
  2. iptvtests and resultfields

I created configfields_iptvtests and resultfields_iptvtests tables.

Also I put has_and_belongs_to_many in all three models.

When I tried to access configfields from iptvtest, I am fine.
However When I tried to access resultfields from iptvtest, I get an
error, which complain: “Mysql::Error: #42S02Table
‘iptv_development.iptvtests_resultfields’ doesn’t exist: SHOW FIELDS
FROM iptvtests_resultfields”


  1. Do order matter?
  2. Do I need to create model for the tables
  3. How to solve my problem?

BTW, I did not use rake and migrate, but do I have to?
I am confused on how to use MySQL types in those migrate create classes.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

I think I guessed my answer.

RoR thinks in alphabetical order, that is it.

I changed them to
Everything is fine now.

Put them here just in case someone else has the same problem.

Roseanne Z.

That is it. The join table naming convention is alpabetic.