Malt v0.4.0 released

Malt 0.4.0 has been released.

Malt provides a factory framework for rendering a variety of template
and markup document formats.

This release of Malt is a major improvement over the previous release.
Where as before not all formats behaved consistently --for instance, not
all templating engines handled block yielding, this release has ensured
consistent functionality across all engines. A couple of significant
changes were made to do this.

Most important to the end user, templating formats can no longer use
yield to insert block content, but rather must use content. This was
done to avoid unnecessary implementation complexity due to Ruby’s
limitation on the use of yield within Proc objects. The code is much
cleaner and subsequently more robust thanks to this change.

The builder-style engines (Builder, Markaby, Erector and Nokogiri) have
all been united under a single Builder format class. The common
extension for such files is .rbml. These engines have been tweaked to
behave uniformly, supporting explicit and implicit evaluation modes and
using instance variables and externalized scope.

In addition to these changes, a few new formats/engines have been added,
including Creole, Maruku, WikiCloth, CoffeeScript and Nokogiri Builder.


  • Add Creole, Maruku and WikiCloth markup engine/formats.
  • Add CoffeeScript transpiler engine/formats.
  • Add Nokogiri Builder format.
  • Support scope and localsstyle data, as well asdata` option.
  • Unified builder engines under one .rbml/.builder format.
  • Use #content instead of #yield for block content!
  • Add :multi option for multi-format rendering.
  • Overhaul internal engine API, for better overall design.
  • Formats delegate to master Malt.render method.