Making your own FormBuilder

Hey all

So I can follow this and make my own form helpers by extending
FormBuilder …

Also in that tutorial it shows how to redefine “field_error_proc”

My question is … is it possible to define the “field_error_proc”
method JUST for your own version of the ForumBuilder?

Or maybe, inside the field_error_proc method, I could test to see what
class of FormBuilder is being used, and then decide on the behavior?
(super as the default?)

thanks for any suggestions!

I could easily do this:

ActionView::Base.field_error_proc = { |html_tag, instance|

But that kills the default functionality for

Struggling to find some logic to test whether the call to
field_error_proc is coming from the base ForumBuilder or the extended
version… since I’d like the leave the default one alone

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