Making framework, need suggestion

Dear all,

right now I am in the middle of my personal project
it is some kind of rails but for wx… well, not similar exactly
for now, I simply call it fastwx (the name explain what we want to get)

here is my plan
I create some simple script that define the interface in simple way like
:frame :panel :sizer:columns=2 name:label name:text birth:label
:endsizer :endpanel :endframe
then I run some script to generate it into xrc file
after that another script to generate ruby file (i name it “meta” file)
load the xrc file
then another script to generate view class (inheritance of “meta” class)
which filled with function to define the widget
and finally a script that generate a controller class (inheritance of
class) which filled with most used function of every widget

therefore I some need suggestion regarding:

  1. what did people usually do when they initialize their widget,
    you know, something like create_grid

  2. what is a widget most used function?

Please send your suggestion for it will help the development.
right now I am still developing the controller class generator
and I plan to release it as soon as the basic function of the controller
so we can add more feature to it

anyway, I do not plan to add any model to the framework
because in my early test, active record can work with this… perhaps
and forgive me about using xrc file, my knowledge of wx is just not
for me to directly generate the meta file as ruby script

perhaps later we can fix this