Making dynamic action

i want make dynamic action , how can i assign method name into a variable?

require ‘http’
endpoint_headers= {“Content-Type” => “application/json”}
#making dynamic action
var = “get”

#without headers
#response = HTTP.get(endpoint_url)

#with headers

puts response

If what you want is to consume api, I advise you to use better REST Client – simple DSL for accessing HTTP and REST resources

require 'rest-client'
require 'json'

endpoint_url = ''
method_name = 'get'
endpoint_headers = { 'Content-Type' => 'application/json' }

response = RestClient::Request.execute(method: method_name,
                                       url: endpoint_url,
                                       headers: endpoint_headers)
result = JSON.parse(response)
puts result

Thank you so much ,its helped me lot

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