Making a hash from AR data

I want to routinely make updated hashes in controller methods and use
the data in views. Can I put this in a method and be done?

my_hash = {}
widget_holder = Cars.find(:all)
my_hash = { |widget| widget.parking_spot_number,}

Is that it? Is an array of two element arrays a hash or is there
another step?
I know I’ve seen this done but i cant find it in my books or via search.

Can I then go:

<%=h my_hash[36] %> in a table slot and get it to return "
Blue Cadillac Eldorado"
if the instance of Car had values for name(Blue Cadillac Eldorado) and
spot(36) accordingly?

Am I missing a step? (or two?)

Ok I stunk that one up and to boot, the question had recently been
answered. (sorry i didnt look hard enough)

Here is the link to the answer(elsewhere on this forum)

While what I put forward didn’t even return an array, I am curious
about one issue.

Is an array of strings that looks like a hash a hash? Could you go

x = value + " => " + value
@existing_hash << x

If so, could i use map like this?
new_hash ={|object| object.key_attribute + " =>" +
object.value_attribute }