Make your rails form accessible with WAIAble gem

Hi all,
I am happy to announce that we have published WAIAble gem which will
add accessibility features in rails form by adding aria properties in
rails form helper classes. This is part of WAIAble project which is
working on making rails accessible.
Use this gem to make your rails form accessible ! Please let us know
in case of issues / feedback.
Github repo: GitHub - tekvision/waiable: Rails Web Accessibility Initiative for the differently abled.
rubygems: waiable | | your community gem host
Our recent blog on WAIAble release:
WAIAble 1.0.0 released! Now you can make your Rails forms accessible. | accessiblerails

If you need any further info on this kindly let me know.

Shantanu Choudhury.
Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @shan9101