Make website based on ruby o.o

hi guys. It’s not my first time on ruby, i mean, well I did get to
page 40 of my 300 page guide book, but that’s not the point =S. thing
is, I don’t really know what you gotta do to make a blog out of ruby.
I’ve heard RoR but it’s really vague, the way I see it, cz I dun
really know much about it nor how it works. And uh, I kinda guess that
it isn’t that big of a hassle if I just wanted to post 1 page of text
on the internet? Cz I’ve learned that skill when I was 9 or 10. Not to
brag, but school teaches that. So anyway, what do I have to do to make
my own blog based on ruby? Cz I’m really looking forward to this
programming stuff and making 1 helluva cool blhog. :slight_smile: THANKS!

but what u want from here…
be clear and specific

oh hey thanks for the reply. I want to know do I create several
programs on different scripts and then only put them in at the website
thing? I’m really lost because I’ve seen the html thing on
it seems all then scripts of different plug-ins are piled into that one
page. If you get what I mean. Anyway you can help guide me at this?

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 12:57 PM, shyam mohan

Check out the Rails site - there are tutorials/screencasts to do
exactly that.

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Law Jer C. [email protected]

You might start by watching the blog in 15 minutes

It goes fast if you are new, but should give you something to build on
play with. Might make it easier to go back through your book if you have
some code to think about applying it to.

On 21 February 2010 17:33, Law Jer C. [email protected] wrote:

Have a look at the rails guides at
Start with the one on Getting Started.


Hey there,

Making a blog is one of the first things many people learn about when
they begin to learn Ruby on Rails. RoR makes it easy and fun to do
this kind of stuff, so there really isn’t too much hassle, especially
compared to that you may experience with other server-side programming

The main difference between what I imagine you did in school regarding
websites, and what you’re trying to do here, is that making a blog
requires work to be done on the server-side as well as the client
side. When you upload a page of text, the web server simply spits out
that page to everyone that asks for it. Easy. When you want a blog,
however, the server must know how to access the stored blog posts (for
which you’ll probably want a database server to compliment your
setup), how to store new posts when you want to create them, how to
serve up an RSS feed if you have one, and so on. So the server is
having to do a lot more then shovelling up a simple web page - it
needs to be programmed to handle all these different requests that are
made of it. That’s where RoR (and you!) come in.

I would highly recommend the Ruby on Rails screencast “Creating a
weblog in 15 minutes” at the top of the page of
It covers the creation of a blog with some more advanced concepts
really well in such a short time.

I’d also recommend for some great
screencasts on RoR - they’re done by the same guy that made the blog

If you have any questions raised by the video or your work on your
blog, Google around for answers (there’s many to be found) or ask here
and someone will be able to assist you.

Have fun!