Make test-all fails

I’ve compiled the Ruby source from trunk (r11707) but make test-all is
failing with the following error:
./miniruby ./runruby.rb --extout=.ext – “./test/runner.rb”
–basedir="./test" --runner=console
“./ruby ./test/runner.rb --basedir=./test --runner=console”
require': syntax error, unexpected keyword_end (SyntaxError) syntax error, unexpected keyword_end, expecting '}' from /home/farrel/Projects/ruby/lib/test/unit/collector/dir.rb:90:incollect_file’
`block in recursive_collect’

dir.rb has not been changed in a while (2006-10-16) so is this
affecting anyone else? I don’t want to run make install as I’d just
like to experiment with the C code a bit and not interfere with my
working installation of Ruby.


I’m on Linux (Gentoo) if that helps.