Make layout false

i am having lot of HTML files those files dont want layouts so, for
each rhtml i am mentioning in controller list.rhtml,edit.rhtml

def list
render :layout=>false

def edit
render :layout=>false

is any simple method to mention wat are the files dont want layout in
one line…

You put all your html files in public directory. And just use url
like, if you have example.html in your
public directory.


On Aug 30, 10:03 am, babu nair [email protected]

Create a seperate controller and on top of that write
layout nil
Put all the methods which dont need layout on that controller and save
the corresponding views in the views/popup folder


Sorry in the above controller name is popup (for example). I forgot to
add that

Thank You…

Had u tried in this way

class PopUpController < ApplicationController
layout “main”, :except => [:ur_action1,:ur_action2,:ur_action3]…

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 1:52 PM, Sijo Kg

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