Make file_column_field editable after file is selected


I am using the file_column plugin to upload images. I’ve noticed that
the file_column_field tag produces a text field box with a browse
button, and when the text box is clicked on, it automatically browses,
instead of just placing the cursor in the text box. Is there a way to
change this default behavior?

I ask because there is a scenario where once I’ve selected a file to
upload, I can not clear it out. I have to select a different file,
but there is no way just to clear out the file I selected at first,
and leave the file_column_field empty (which is a valid case for me).
If this text field was editable, instead of automatically browsing,
then I could just delete the path from the field.

I’ve been searching the doc online but can’t seem to find a solution.
There must be some options I can pass to file_column_field??

<%= file_column_field “profile”, “photo” %>

Thanks for any help and insight!!