Make check failing

Ok so I’ve gotten my software written, modified the make files and the
config file to match my code instead of the ‘how to’ demonstration
and run thru the ‘how to write a code block’ tutorial about a dozen
now. ./bootstrap works like a charm, make same deal. I run into
when I do make check and it inform me that the module I’ve named my code
doesn’t exsist. I’ve pulled my .i and .am files apart trying to figure
where the blunder is but can’t seem to track it down. Is this an easy
that I’m just not seeing or am I going to have to include the contents
these files in a reply? Also just to make my debugging a little easier
there a naming convention for the .i file, the generated .cc file and .h
file? I know the general naming convention for code blocks (in my case:
gr_aloumoti_encoder_ss.h and .cc, should the .i be this as well it isn’t
the tutorial?). Any help would be appreciated and if you need copies of
config files I’m using I’ll be glad to post them sometime tonight.

-Garrett McGrath

Garrett - I assume you’re trying to install into your own Python
site-specific “space”, compiling from your own development “space”?
… and not trying to integrate your stuff with gnuradio-core
(/src/lib/general , for example)?

I’ve done what I assume you’re trying to do (mine is available via
“from und import mld” in order to allow all of our UND stuff to stay
together; it’s simple to place the libraries elsewhere), even created
shell scripts to add in new blocks for me (with the name I request,
though always prepended with “gr_”) - adding the correct names (for the
new block) to the appropriate files in their correct places in those

Your issue is probably an easy fix; it’s probably a subtle issue with
one of the .i files or . So, yes, posting your config
files (or sending them separately) would be the most useful … I’m sure
some eagle-eyed person (me or otherwise) will be able to tell you where
the issue is. - MLD