Major update to Rails Assets

Hi all!

Just wanted to announce a big update we made to Rails Assets

For those who haven’t used it before, Rails Assets takes Bower
and packages them up as Ruby gems, to ease some of the pain of getting
bower components working on Rails projects. No longer do you have to
copy/paste javascript and CSS to your vendor directory, and then manage
updating it yourself. You don’t even need to learn bower! Just go to
Assets, type in the name of the bower component, and pull it in as a

We revamped the user experience so that it should be MUCH easier to find
the components you’re looking for and get them working in a Rails app.
Here’s some release notes:

  • Completely new search interface
  • Each component now has its own page
  • Very clear instructions on how to install a component
  • Dramatically improved interface for choosing a version other than the
  • Ability to link to component pages directly
  • Ability to link to search results directly

As always, please hit us up with feedback!

PS: We’re accepting donations at now as well.
you find this useful, even a few dollars helps us keep it running!

I’d donate if there was a paypal options. Not too keen on putting in my
credit card to a random site, no matter how trustworthy I think you
all might be.

Nice looking pop-up box though.

I’m a maintainer of the service too. Thanks for your feedback. The
donations are processed by Stripe, so we don’t actually receive your
card information (just like with Paypal). If you want to confirm that,
can just inspect the page and see that it loads in an iframe, and that
that traffic goes to

Being PCI-DSS compliant would be a huge hassle, so it’s definitely a
for us as well.

Then I guess all you need to do is add some verbiage to the site that
explains this. Might require a page from the donate link before you hit
the popup if the popup is all from Stripe and is not customizable.

Would also be nice it the number field for the amount was changed to
something else or restricted so the up/down buttons go in something like
$5 increments rather than penny increments.

Nice thing about Paypal is I already have money sitting there so I don’t
even need to hit a credit card to send some to you. Somehow feels
different. No idea why but it is so.

Anyway, I’m living on the wild side now and made a donation. Hope the
thing really works; haven’t had a chance to try it yet!