Major Rails events of 2007

I’m writing an article about the Rails events of the past year. I have
all the obvious stuff (1.2 and 2.0 releases, etc.), and I’m looking
for suggestions about key site launches and so forth.

What are the most notable Rails sites launched in 2007? So far I have
on my list:

What else should be on this list? (highest traffic sites, or most
significant in some way)

ebay and yahoo both launched some Rails projects, right? What are

were cnet’s Rails projects (chowhound, etc.) launched before 2007?

As far as significant new (in 2007) Rails-focused hosting companies,
the only one that comes to mind is Engine Y… Are the others?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Michael S. (podcast)


Don’t miss out, the largest Rails site in Brazil and
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Cheers, Sazima