Main controller


I have an application that has
Is it recommended to use the application controller as the main route to
public requests? If not, i can create a new “index” controller or
buty i think that is not a good name. Which names do you usually use for
main entry point (controller) in the application?



i’ve used ‘welcome’, ‘front’, ‘main’, ‘site’, ‘public’, ‘blog’ -
depending on the project


No, I don’t think adding actions to the application controller is the
way to handle public requests. If that were the case, what would be
the point of being able to create controllers at all, other than
separating an admin section? As your site gets more complex, the
controller would just get huge, and eventually be responsible for much
more functionality than is manageable.

The easiest thing to do, in my mind, is logically separate your
controllers and then use routes to set the application entry point.
For example, if you’re writing a blog, you might have a BlogController
and use routes so that looks to