Mailing to a form field

I have generated a mailer. The name of the mailer class is ‘Taf’ and
the name of my email action method is ‘confirm’. I added an action
method named taf_send to an existing controller which happened to be
named ‘specialoffer’ as follows:

class SpecialofferController < ApplicationController

Other actions have been omitted for clarity.

def taf_send

I then call ‘/specialoffer/taf_send’ from the action attribute of a
form tag. Everything seems to work fine as I have a fixed email
address set for a single
recipient in ‘app/models/taf.rb’. However, in the real world, the
email address of the intended recipient is contained in a field in the
form that calls /specialoffer/taf_send’. The name of the field
happens to be ‘Email’. The question is, how can I get at that the
value of that form field from my confirm action method so that I can
grab the address from the form and and direct the mail to it?

Thanks for any input.

  ... doug

I got it figured out.
Thanks, though.

  ... doug