Mailing lists in rails?

I have a client that wants to send out a mass email to all of the
registered users. I figured I would use ActionMailer for this, but is
this suitable for mass emailing? Or is there another solution or a
better way to do this?

Thanks for your help.

It is possible, but slow. For every mail, ActiveMailer re-establishes
the connection to the SMTP server (and this sometimes fails under

I made some changes to the ActiveMailer code to open a connection and
then send the email, passing in the connection. I don’t have that
code anymore, but it wasn’t hard to write once I knew what I needed to

20-30K messages is about where I’d start thinking about doing
something different. Below that, you should be Ok with ActiveMailer.

The main problem I had was not Rails related, but Spam related. I had
so many bounces due to various conditions - old email addresses, spam
filters etc. You will get into trouble if you do this a lot and don’t
process the bounce messages to disable email accounts for future

Bounce messages come in many forms - one email server actually has
some comments from the programmer essentially saying: “The standard
for bounce messages is too complex, so I’ll invent my own format
that’s easier”. You have to handle this format as well as the
standard formats, so it turns out to only be easier for that
programmer. Can you tell I’m still grumpy?

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