Mailing List Woes


I wanted to ping the list to see if other users were having as much
difficulty with the Mailing List as I was. I am regularly unable to
even access it, getting “500-Internal Server Errors” and even if I get
the list the search functionality is broken. Frankly, there is no
reason to have this tool except for the search functionality.

I have stumbled upon
as a backup plan, but honestly it has become my main source for

Can I suggest, for the developers and even Rails Public Relations,
that we either move the link on the Rails page
( to the source (or
some other) or quickly get the mailing list fixed - like in the next
two weeks? I don’t want to be presumptious, but this has been a
significant problem for a few months now.

Thank you as always for you hard work (everyone)! I LOVE Rails and
praise it even to my numerous MS friends (Redmond here).

Regards, Dave

David Andrew T.