Mailing list subject line format


It would make applying client side rules to incoming emails from nginx
mailing list much easier if subject line had a consistent fomat and
included some kind of hook tags.

For example: The rest of subject line here"

Language tag can easily be optional, but i strongly root for inclusion
of “” string as prefix to every email subject line.

Thank you for consideration.

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While format of my original message came out as intended on, posted message to mailing list did not come out as
intended ( see )

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I just found out that gmail is able to apply rule/filter based on
“mailing list”. however, other clients such as do not have such
options. just FYI.

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We had a long discussion about this when the forum was first created
and it was decided that the mailing list tags were unnecessary, ugly,
wasteful, etc.

I filter on “to” field, myself.

– Merlin