Mailer Validation

Hello everyone,

Just joined the list, very new to Radiant and RoR in general, coming
from a PHP background. I’m starting to get a bit of experience with
Radiant and using this experience to enter into the word or Ruby and

So I’ve been experimenting with the Mailer extension, done a fair bit of
reading over the mailing list archive and got the extension up and
running. So of course, now that I have it running, the first thing that
occurs to me that I need is a little data validation.

Ive seen this post:

And this post:

Which are kind of eluding to what I’m wanting to know, but I’m wondering
if anyone can point me in the direction of some examples or tips on how
one might add server-side validation to the Mailer extension, I’m
guessing this is probably pretty thing for your Ruby guru’s, but coming
from PHP, I’m still a little in culture shock mode :P.

Kind of intertwined with the server-side validation question, I also
wonder if anything has been said in relation to the Mailer extension and
protecting against your email form being used as a spam relay. Is this a
possible danger when using the extension? And if so, are there any
examples of even just some basic checks that one can do to mitigate this

Thanks for having me,
Gaelian Ditchburn