Mailer troubles


I am very new to Radiant. I am an intern for an institution and I don’t
access to certain places on the server. I want to make sure my code is
correct before I write it off as a server issue. I have read the help
everything Any advice in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the problem:

I am building out a mailer that is being sent to multiple recipients
including ones found in the text boxes of the form itself.
Here’s an example of the code I’m working on:


<r:mailer:form name=“references”>

Person 1

Person 1 Email

Person 2

Person 2 email


from: [email protected]
subject: References
redirect_to: /references/thank-you
cc_field: big boss
- [email protected]
- [email protected]
- [email protected]
- <r:mailer:get value=“email_one” />
- <r:mailer:get value=“email_two” />

email (not that you really need it, but just in case)

Person 1 <r:get name=“person_one” />
Person 1 Email <r:get name=“email_one” />
Person 2 <r:get name=“person_two” />
Person 2 email <r:get name=“email_two” />

I need to get the the value of the email text boxes into the recipients
list. The way I currently have it coded would make sense; however,
is ever sent to either address in those boxes. I have tried several
different ways and have come up empty.

If you have any comments or advice or need more information, please feel
free to contact me. Again, any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Autumn Hansen

Run the app under development and see if it produces any errors.

BJ Clark
the science department