Mailer extension update

I’ve just manually merged ntalbott’s fork of the Mailer extension on
github into radiant/radiant-mailer-extension. Those of you who have
forks of ntalbott/radiant-mailer-extension should switch over if you
can. Nathaniel has commit rights to the radiant/ version.


Hey Sean,

sounds great, cause I still got some problems with the mailer
extension. Now I will try, what you did.

Sorry for asking a silly question: what are the steps I need to do to
switch over to the version you’ve mentioned?

Thanks again for your support,

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 9:15 AM, Sean C. [email protected]

Potentially dumb question: would rake ray:extension:install name=mailer
just as well? Maybe with hub=radiant?

BTW, where is there decent documentation for the mailer extension? The
README doesn’t exactly cover it all.


First, change any pages you have of the “Mailer” type into “”.

Then, if you have the git SCM installed, first delete your
vendor/extensions/mailer directory, and then run this command:

git clone git://

Otherwise, download the tarball from, and
expand it into that directory (vendor/extensions/mailer).