Mailer extension problem with redirect

I installed the mailer extension with radiant 0.6.6.
(I followed more or less the wiki HOWTO), on my site
which is hosted in railsplayground with fastcgi.

The extension sends the message properly, however in:

  1. Firefox: displays a message “you are being redirected”, with
    being a link with the redirection page, set in config. The redirection
    doesnt occur automatically but only by pressing the link.
  2. IE 7: displays a 500 error page (message, as i already mentioned, is
    being send properly)

is this some common problem due to misconfiguration?

thank you
Nikos Delibaltadakis

Nikos Delibaltadakis schrieb:

Unfortunately I have no time to test the following code with the mailer
extension but
I had a similar problem in an extension that I am actualy developing.

Does anyone with this problem in the mailer extension can change the
line 30 in mailer_page.rb from

response.redirect(form_conf[:redirect_to], :status => 302)


response.redirect(form_conf[:redirect_to], “302 Found”)

and tell whether it works?

I did exactly this, changed it to
response.redirect(form_conf[:redirect_to], “302”)
and it worked.

On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 11:36 PM, [email protected] [email protected]

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