Mailer Behavior on ASmallOrange

Anyone got the Mailer Behavior to work on hosting?

I have the behavior installed and everything set up to what I think is
correct, but the form just reloads it’s self (not thank-you) and I
never get an email. There doesn’t seem to be any errors, all I can
find in any error logs is in production.log I get:

“Processing SiteController#show_page (for ******** at 2007-01-04
16:56:19) [POST]
Parameters: {“mailer”=>{“message”=>“test test”, “name”=>“me”,
“subject”=>”"}, “action”=>“show_page”, “url”=>[“contact”],
“mailer_name”=>“contact”, “controller”=>“site”}
Completed in 1.89603 (0 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.00087 (0%) | 200 OK

My config part is this:

subject: From Contact Form
from: [email protected]
redirect_to: /contact/thank-you/
- [email protected]

Any suggestions?
BJ Clark


Make sure you have set the ActionMailer settings in
config/environment.rb or
config/environments/production.rb . You might need to set an SMTP
server to
use, rather than sendmail.


Here’s what I have in config/environment.rb:
ActionMailer::Base.server_settings = {
:address => “”,
:port => 25,
:domain => ‘’,
:user_name => “[email protected]”,
:password => ‘password’,
:authentication => :login
(obviously this is obfuscated)
I have two questions here. What is :address and :username supposed to
be? Any ideas?

ah yes, authentication has caught me out a few times as well…

Hello All,
I’m still un-able to get my contact page to work.
I am getting no errors in my production log. All that I can find that
related to the mailer is this:

Processing SiteController#show_page (for at 2007-01-10
16:58:20) [POST]
Parameters: {“mailer”=>{“message”=>“Test”, “name”=>“BJ”,
“subject”=>“”, “email”=>“[email protected]”}, “action”=>“show_page”,
“url”=>[“contact”], “mailer_name”=>“contact”, “controller”=>“site”}
Completed in 0.01511 (66 reqs/sec) | DB: 0.00077 (5%) | 200 OK

The problem is that I’m not getting any email and it’s not forwarding
to my /contact/thank-you page, it just goes back to a blank /contact/

Anyone have any ideas?
BJ Clark

It’s not working under dev, but I finally got an error (ya!).
It’s not authenticating properly, so I’ve contact my hosting provider
to see what they have to say about it.
If I figure anything out, I’ll post it here.

Hi BJ,

Just out of interest, does it work under development mode on the same
I was having a similar issue, where it works fine in dev mode, but not
in production mode. I havent managed to get t resolved yet…