Mailer attach files that are posetd in a respository on the web

I have set up my application to send e-mails along with attachments,
however I would like the ability for the “browse” to search a file
sharing repository that we have posted on the web. Right now it just
searches and uploads files I have on my desktop. Has anyone had any
success attaching files that are stored on a web page?

Yes and No.

Do you mean just for you? Or for all your users?

If just for you, sure, just figure out a way to map a drive (windows)
or mount a remote file share (osx/linux) and it will be available from
the file picker.

If it’s something you want all your users to see … no. That’s not
possible with the browser file input selector. You could create a
page that lists the remote location files similar to a file input,
like in a popup window or redbox, but you would have to implement that
yourself in your app.

Hope that helps.

James M.

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 3:56 PM, [email protected]

Yes it would need to be for all my users. I didn’t think it would be
possible. Thank you for your help

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