Mahoro 0.2 - Ruby 1.9 compatibility!

Mahoro is a Public Domain Ruby interface to libmagic. It is in use by
several existing libraries and now updated to work with Ruby 1.9.

This project was originally started by Shu-yu Guo but is now maintained
by Eric W… Please email Eric [email protected] for any
questions/issues/bug reports/comments regarding Mahoro.

Changes from 0.1:

  • add gemspec for

  • use xfree() instead of free() in for GC destructor
    This allows Mahoro to run properly under Ruby 1.9 that
    is built with CALC_EXACT_MALLOC_SIZE.

  • Minor test cleanups

  • update for Ruby 1.9 compatibility (RSTRING(s)->len => RSTRING_LEN(s))

source code: Ruby interface to libmagic