Magento installed in a subdirectory

I followed the instructions on the wiki article (link 1) for configuring
nginx and magento, which works great… if magento is installed in the
document root folder. I have magento installed in a subfolder, e.g.
/store/. I found an example (link 2) that works; however, it is not as
complete as the first example. I was able to mix the two through trial
and error and get a partially working store. As far as I can tell, I
should modify the try_files (line 15), @handler (line 39), the js
rewrite (lines 42-44), and the catch 404s (line 47). How should I change
them? If anyone has a complete .conf, I would very much appreciate a
copy. Thanks
2) php - Magento on Nginx - Configuration - Stack Overflow

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