MacRuby framework in Mac OS X 10.7

I don’t know how many people on this list use MacRuby but aren’t on
the MacRuby list, but I thought I’d pass along something I saw there.
It appears Apple has made MacRuby a private framework in OS X 1.7
(Lion). I don’t know much about Apple development politics, but
apparently this means that developers shipping MacRuby apps will have
to embed MacRuby itself into their apps in order to put the apps in
the Mac App Store. If they don’t use the App Store, they would still
be advised to bundle MacRuby anyway, since the understanding is that
private frameworks are only for Apple apps to use, and might change
without notice.

I’m not sure what to think about this; I think if Apple did make it a
public framework, it’d be stuck at an old version until the next major
OS upgrade. Maybe it would be better for each app to include the exact
version of MacRuby that it’s designed to use. I’ve used several Gtk+
X11 apps that bundle Gtk+, which seems like a waste of space and
bandwidth to me, but maybe that’s just how things are done in Macland.

Note that this does not mean it’s being closed-sourced or anything.
Developers and users will still be able to install it and use it.

tl;dr: See
for discussion and links and instructions on submitting an enhancement
request with Apple; the more requests they get, the more likely they
are to listen. It’s also customary to put a duplicate of the request
on OpenRadar (link contained therein).

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