MacRuby 0.3


It is a great pleasure to announce the immediate availability of
MacRuby 0.3! Check it out while it’s still hot!

MacRuby is a version of Ruby 1.9, ported to run directly on top of Mac
OS X core technologies such as the Objective-C common runtime and
garbage collector, and the CoreFoundation framework. While still a
work in progress, it is the goal of MacRuby to enable the creation of
full-fledged Mac OS X applications which do not sacrifice performance
in order to enjoy the benefits of using Ruby.

You can learn more about MacRuby, and download a binary installer,
from the website:

Or about this release more specifically, on our blog:

This is an important release. MacRuby now comes with a core library
named HotCocoa, which simplifies Cocoa programming by using simple
Ruby idioms. The dispatcher was rewritten to use the Objective-C
runtime, which eliminates many ambiguities but also improves some
performance. And finally, lots of bug fixes, and a better Cocoa and
Ruby support!



Great! Thanks for the release.

After installing 0.3 version, interface builder does not display ruby
classes and displays error message when try to read ruby class file.
I had to change first line of rb_nibtool.rb file to
and reinstall to fix it.

Suhku H.

2008/9/9 Laurent S. [email protected]

Thanks for the report, it was a bug in the installer process. I fixed
it in all branches (including the 0.3 tag) and re-generated a binary