MacPorts for Intel - newbie question

Hi (from a newbie here to Gnu Radio),

Just trying to wet my feet in all this… trying to build the software
on a new Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook with OSX 10.4.9…

Was following the notes from Jon Jacky & Michael D. about OSX
Started the pre-requisites …
Installed Xcode 2.4.1.
Installed Subversion.
Installed MacPorts as suggested in Jon’s notes from a
DarwinPorts-1.0.dmg but when I went to update it using
sudo port -d selfupdate
I got the message:
Failed to initialize ports system, no suitable image found. Did
mach-o, but wrong architecture
which even to a limited tech like me suggests it was expecting PPC ?

I also tried the more detailed description in Michael’s document using
the script dp_inst.csh on page 3 but got the same errors, presumably for
the same reason.

Of course without MacPorts working, I am not likely to get much further
with my GR install! Sorry to ask for such basic help but would
appreciate any pointers either on or off list.


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(0) “DarwinPorts-1.0.dmg” is for PPC only and OSX 10.2 and 10.3; it
may or not work on an Intel-Mac or on 10.4; it wasn’t designed to
work on an Intel-Mac or 10.4.

(1) The first version that was a universal install (and thus for 10.4
and Intel-Mac) is 1.2.1; start with that or 1.3, or the recently
released 1.4; then “port” should run properly and “sudo port
selfupdate” should also work properly. The “mp_inst.csh” script I
wrote is really meant for 1.2.1+, since there were also grammar
changes in the way “port” works.

If you want to get rid of your original “DarwinPort-1.0” install, and
have nothing else installed, the simplest way is “sudo rm -rf /opt”.
Even if you have something else installed, I would advise you to just
remove everything and start from scratch, since there have been quite
a few changes in “port” over the years and versions.

(2) Don’t start with a pre-compiled install unless you have to;
download the source & compile it in the “usual” manner (./configure;
make; sudo make install). Again, this is all done by the
“mp_inst.csh” script.

If what you want is to get the background libraries / apps / includes
for compiling GNU Radio, the simplest way - barring other constraints

  • is to use the “mp_inst.csh” script … it just “does it all” with
    minimal hassle … be patient, it takes a while to install even on a
    zippy Intel-Mac. - MLD