Mack 0.4.6 Released

This is a pretty cool release. First off Thin has been updated to 0.8.0,
a rather nice, stable release. ERB has been replaced with Erubis to give
a significant improvement in speed, which, after all is one of Mack’s
most important traits.

There’s been a general overhaul of the generators included with Mack.
Mostly, cleaning them up. With that said things like the scaffold,
model, and migration generators have been updated to do what a lot of
people have been asking for, that is take a ‘cols’ parameter and build
out the generated code corrrectly. This really makes life, very, very

There will be a re-written ‘blog’ tutorial coming out soon to make use
of this, as well as migration support that’s now part of Mack.

Very exciting stuff! Enjoy!


*Mack now uses Erubis,, for it’s
rendering engine instead of ERB. This makes Mack even faster now!
*Added rake generate:model name=<model_name> (optional:
cols=<col_1>:<col_1_type>,<col_2>:<col_2_type>) This will also create a
migration for you.
*Updated rake generate:migration name=<model_name> (optional:
cols=<col_1>:<col_1_type>,<col_2>:<col_2_type>) This will create the
proper table migration for you.
*Updated rake generate:scaffold to use the ModelGenerator now.
*ScaffoldGenerator now create input fields based on the type of columns,
if any, passed in.
*Overall general refactoring of the generator classes.
*Fixed a bug with request logging not, well, logging.
*gem: erubis 2.5.0
*gem: thin 0.8.0

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