MAC related issues

Hi there,

I have some question about the MAC related issues over GNU Radio. In
particular, my questions are related to a paper regarding the ADROIT
projected in BBN (see

  1. BBN 802.11 codes and m-blocks.
    In BBN’s ADROIT paper, BBN people proposed the m-block architecture and
    it has already been included in the gnu radio release. What is the
    status of this development? I checked out the BBN 802.11 codes from
    However, I did not see the m-block were used. Is this true or did I miss
    anything? Moreover, did anybody do any work using m-block?

  2. BBN Adroit Click development.
    As described in BBN’s ADROIT paper, BBN implmented two APIs (an
    API for Click to use to talk to the MAC layer, and aonther Radio API for
    layer to talk to the GNU Radio). They also implemented a model MAC in
    Are they publicly available? Can anybody tell me where to find these

Thanks a lot.