Mac OS X, MacPorts, Boost 1.53, and GNU Radio

Boost in MacPorts was updated yesterday (March 5) to 1.53, which fixes
the threading issues found in the 1.52 release. Unfortunately, it looks
like the Boost folks have broken 32-bit compiling at least on Mac OS X
(all versions). So, +universal (combined 32 ad 64 bit builds) are out,
as are most older 32-bit only computers running Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and
even some on 10.6. Folks running 10.7 or 10.8 (which are both 64-bit
native) should be OK so long as you don’t need a universal install. I,
and others, have verified that Boost 1.53 plays nicely with GNU Radio in
64-bit mode (unlike 1.52). So, for those folks still running Boost 1.51
(as I was), you should be OK upgrading Boost to 1.53 so long as you
don’t need a 32-bit version. If you need a 32-bit version, stick with
1.51 for now per the instructions in a prior email on this list (by me).
You should be able to use “port -n” to upgrade or install without
activating the newer Boost. - MLD